DJI Mini 3 Pro unveiled

As you might have gathered from my previous articles about the DJI Mini 2 and the DJI Air 2S, I've been into drone photography for some time now. Currently, I…


Travelogue Kenya 2021-22

After editing all my photos of our Kenya trip at the turn of the year 2021 / 2022, I have gone through them again chronologically and created a detailed report…

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Löwe, Masai Mara, Kenia

DxO PureRAW 2

DxO has finally fulfilled my wish and included DxO PureRAW 2*, a plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic. The basic functionality of PureRAW hasn't changed with the new version. PureRAW still…


Canon EOS R5C

Yesterday, Canon unveiled the video version of the EOS R5 that had already been announced in the rumor mill: the EOS R5C. Even though video is not my primary field…


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