New firmware V 1.9.0 for Canon EOS R5

There is again a new firmware ver­sion for the Canon EOS R5. Accord­ing to Canon, sev­er­al bugs have been fixed again. In addi­tion, the voice com­ment func­tion has been improved. Here are the exact spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the update:

Firmware Ver­sion 1.9.0 incor­po­rates the fol­low­ing enhance­ments and fixes: 

  1. Adds the abil­i­ty to erase voice mem­os added to images and to add voice mem­os to pro­tect­ed images. 
  2. Adds enhanced secu­ri­ty when trans­fer­ring images via FTPS transfer. 
  3. Adds sup­port for the Soft­ware Devel­op­ment Assis­tance Kit (EDSDK/CCAPI).
  4. Fix­es an issue, in which, after touch­screen oper­a­tion, in rare cir­cum­stances, the cam­era oper­a­tions can­not be per­formed, and even if the cam­era is oper­at­ed, [BUSY] appears on the screen. 
  5. Fix­es minor issues.

The new ver­sion 1.90 can direct­ly be down­loaded from Canon here.

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