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Today punc­tu­al­ly at 15:00 CET DJI pre­sent­ed a new drone, the DJI Air 3. At 15:02 I placed my order for the DJI Ai 3 Fly More Com­bo*. I am very excit­ed about the new drone and hope soon to be able to use it exten­sive­ly on our upcom­ing vaca­tion in Switzerland.

I pre­vi­ous­ly owned the pre­de­ces­sor mod­el, the DJI Air 2s, which I have sold in the mean­time and replaced with a Mini 3 Pro. What attracts me to the new Air 3 now is that it fea­tures a dual cam­era sys­tem with 24 and 70mm equiv­a­lent focal length, each with 1/1.3 inch sen­sors. The sen­sors both have a res­o­lu­tion of 48 megapix­els and in this respect are equiv­a­lent to those on the Mini 3 Pro, but are sup­pos­ed­ly more recent devel­op­ments. In my com­par­i­son test, the Mini 3 Pro per­formed bet­ter than the Air 2s - despite its larg­er 1-inch sen­sor but with “only” 20 megapix­els of resolution.

The new DJI Air 3 also comes with an offi­cial C1 clas­si­fi­ca­tion and may there­fore be used in the EU and Switzer­land in the OPEN A1 cat­e­go­ry - the cat­e­go­ry in which pre­vi­ous­ly only drones under 250 grams were allowed to fly.

This expands the drone’s usage options immense­ly. How­ev­er, the so-called “small drone license (EU) A1/A3” is also required to oper­ate the DJI Air 3. This can eas­i­ly be obtained online, how­ev­er. Of course, an insur­ance and a reg­is­tra­tion of the user at the Fed­er­al Office of Civ­il Aero­nau­tics is also necessary.

Since I use my drones for pho­tog­ra­phy in the first place, I hope that the dual cam­era will give me more pho­to­graph­ic oppor­tu­ni­ties. Accord­ing to my infor­ma­tion, the 48-megapix­el pho­to mode is now bet­ter inte­grat­ed and per­mits, for exam­ple, con­tin­u­ous shoot­ing and expo­sure brack­et­ing. With the Mini 3 Pro, this mode is still very awk­ward to use.

The new drone also comes with many oth­er improve­ments. It now has an all-round 360° obsta­cle detec­tion, a bet­ter and longer range video trans­mis­sion to the also new remote con­trol (up to 10km range in CE- and 20km in FCC-Mode), a sig­nif­i­cant­ly longer flight time of up to 46 min­utes and, and, and…

For more infor­ma­tion, vis­it DJI’s web­site directly.

I am very excit­ed about the new drone and will report further.

*= Affil­i­ate Link

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