In Novem­ber 2023, we were drawn to the far north for the first time, and I real­ly do mean the very far north. Our friends had booked a short trip to Ilulis­sat in West Green­land in late fall and asked us if we want­ed to come with them, which we quick­ly agreed to.

Dur­ing our 4-day stay, we were amazed by the gigan­tic ice­bergs that passed majes­ti­cal­ly in the bay. There were also auro­ras - although unfor­tu­nate­ly only very dim.

2013 - 2022

In 2013 we trav­elled to Kenya for the first time for a 17-day safari. It was an inde­scrib­able won­der­ful expe­ri­ence. The end­less land­scape and the rich wildlife enchant­ed and infect­ed us with the “African virus”. Since then, we have made five more trips to Kenya and Tan­za­nia. Here you can find exten­sive reports about them as well as many tips for your own safaris.

2014/15 and 2023

Japan! We had always thought about trav­el­ing there. The first oppor­tu­ni­ty came in 2014, when our elder daugh­ter com­plet­ed an intern­ship at a com­pa­ny in Osa­ka as part of her mechan­i­cal engi­neer­ing stud­ies. In 2023, we vis­it­ed Japan again to go on a round trip with our younger daugh­ter, who was spend­ing a semes­ter abroad there as part of her Japan­ese studies.