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I have planned to pub­lish at least one new wall cal­en­dar every year. I’ve been doing this for sev­er­al years, cur­rent­ly 11 of my cal­en­dars in actu­al ver­sions are avail­able in book­stores. This time it is again an African cal­en­dar. For this I have select­ed 13 of my best cat pho­tos from the Masai Mara from our last safari at the turn of the year 2021 to 2022 in Kenya and cre­at­ed the new month­ly cal­en­dar African cats in impres­sive por­traits. Above you can see the title page, here is the back with on overview of the oth­er pictures:

The cal­en­dar can be ordered now direct­ly from Cal­ven­do, from ama­zon* or via its ISBN in sev­er­al for­mats in bookstores:

Formats available in retail:
‎978-1-325-84442-5see retail­ers
‎978-1-325-84419-7see retail­ers

*= Affil­i­ate Link

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