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Although my CFex­press Card-Read­er from San­disk does a good job, it is very bulky (approx. 2.5 x 6.3 x 10.6cm, about the size of a com­put­er mouse), so I want­ed to get a more com­pact CFex­press Read­er to take with me in my back­pack. I stum­bled over the cheap CFex­press card read­er from Rock­etek with USB 3.1 Gen 2. Since it was very rea­son­ably priced, I ordered it with­out hesitation.

It arrived today. It appears to be of very high qual­i­ty over­all, as if machined from one block of alu­minum. It is, as desired, very com­pact (approx. 1 x 5 x 7.2 cm). Includ­ed in the pack­age are even two con­nec­tion cables, each approx. 20cm long (1x USB-C to USB-C and 1x USB-A to USB-C).

The Rock­etek CFex­press Read­er in size com­par­i­son with the San­disk Reader
Deliv­ery includes 2 USB cables

I test­ed it imme­di­ate­ly, of course. Thanks to the USB 3.1 Gen 2 inter­face, the read­er is also very fast, as the Crys­talD­iskMark result shows:

By the way, in the above test I test­ed the read­er with my Wise CFex­press 512GB card. After a longer peri­od of active use, it gets warm due to the heat gen­er­at­ed by the CFex­press card, but thanks to its met­al body it can also dis­si­pate the heat well.

Over­all, the Read­er offers the best price/performance ratio cur­rent­ly avail­able and is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed. It now has a per­ma­nent place in my pho­to back­pack when I am on the road.

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