We were trav­el­ing on this trip as a fam­i­ly of three, my daugh­ter Luise, my wife and me. In Tokyo and Kyō­to, we had booked a small apart­ment for a max­i­mum of 4 peo­ple with a small kitchen (which we did not use) in an apartho­tel of the MIMARU group. The apart­ments were very well equipped and ide­al­ly locat­ed. In Hiroshi­ma, we spent two nights in the Mit­sui Gar­den Hotel, which we already knew from our first trip in 2014 / 15. The room was very small, with three beds it was more like a sleep­ing land­scape. Very nice was the break­fast buf­fet on the 25th floor with a wide view over the city.

Final­ly, we had booked a tra­di­tion­al Japan­ese room with tata­mi mats and futon beds in the very nice “Fuji View” hotel, which was a unique expe­ri­ence. By the way, we slept excel­lent­ly in the beds.