Some of my pic­tures from Africa, Japan, Venice and Switzer­land are also pub­lished in 10 month­ly Wall Cal­en­dars (in land­scape for­mats DIN-A4, DIN A3 and some in Pre­mi­um DIN-A2). Start­ing now, all cal­en­dars are avail­able in the 2022 edition.

All cal­en­dars can be ordered in book­shops, via ama­zon* or from Cal­ven­do*.

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In addi­tion, select­ed pic­tures of my cal­en­dars from Kenya, Tan­za­nia and from my Japan cal­en­dar are now avail­able as can­vas prints* in sizes up to 120x80cm and some also as 1000 piece puz­zles*.

Venice - From dusk till dawn

Beau­ti­ful pic­tures from Venice, the city of palaces, canals and bridges. Away from the mass­es of vis­i­tors and out­side the vis­it­ing hours of the day tourists, the lagoon city seems to be fall­en out of time. In 13 atmos­pher­ic pic­tures, the proud city shows itself in the glo­ry of the past cen­turies. You can see more pic­tures of Venice in my Gallery.

Burano - the colourful island

Bura­no, the small island in the lagoon of Venice is known for its colour­ful hous­es. Leg­end says that the colours were used by the fish­er­men to find their way home on fog­gy days - or when they were drunk. The colours of the hous­es are not cho­sen arbi­trar­i­ly. For cen­turies it has been estab­lished that a new coat of paint must be applied for at the author­i­ties and the colour must be agreed upon. You can see more pic­tures of Venice in my Gallery.

Bura­no - The colour­ful island (Wall Cal­en­dar 2022 DIN A4 Landscape)

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Leopards in the wild

Leop­ards are the most beau­ti­ful cats of prey in Africa. Since they are lon­ers and most­ly hid­den in bush­es, they are dif­fi­cult to find. This cal­en­dar con­tains unique pic­tures of these fas­ci­nat­ing ani­mals in the wild. All pho­tos were tak­en in the wild in Kenya and Tanzania.

Safari in Masai Mara

Africa is regard­ed as the cra­dle of mankind, nowhere else you can find untouched nature with such a large and diverse ani­mal wealth. In addi­tion to unique wildlife shots, this cal­en­dar also con­tains won­der­ful light­ing scenes that are unique to Africa. All pic­tures were tak­en in Decem­ber and Jan­u­ary in the Masai Mara, Kenya’s famous and most ani­mal-rich game reserve. You can find more pic­tures in my Masai Mara Gallery. If you are inter­est­ed in a safari to Masai Mara for your­self, see our trav­el­ogue for detailes informations.

Safari in Kenya

Impres­sive pic­tures of wild ani­mals and land­scapes of south­ern Kenya. All pic­tures were tak­en dur­ing an 14-day safari in south­ern Kenya (Amboseli nation­al Park, Lake Naku­ru, Lake Naivasha, Lake Bogo­ria and in the Masai Mara.

Safari in Tanzania

Impres­sive pic­tures of wild ani­mals and land­scapes of south­ern Tan­za­nia. All pic­tures were tak­en dur­ing an 11-day safari in the “south­ern cir­cuit” of Tan­za­nia in Miku­mi an Rua­ha Nation­al Parks and in the Selous Game Reserve.

Masai Mara

Expes­sive pho­tographs of wild ani­mals and land­scapes of East Africa. All pic­tures were tak­en dur­ing a 5-day safari in the Masai Mara Game Reserve in August 2013. The Masai Mara ist one of the regions of Africa with the rich­est pop­u­la­tions of wild ani­mals. It is famous for the “Great Migra­tion” from the serengeti with hun­dreds of thou­sands of wilde­beests and zebras cross­ing the mara riv­er each year.

Masai Mara 2022 (Wall Cal­en­dar 2022 DIN A3 Land­scape) [Cal­en­dar] Gerd-Uwe Neukamp

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Expres­sive pic­tures of ani­mals and land­scapse of Kenya, Afri­ka. All pic­tures were tak­en dur­ing a safari in August 2013 in Sam­buro, Sweet­wa­ters, Nakuro, Naivasha and Mas­sai Mara.

Japan - Shrines, Tem­ples, Metropolises

Japan, one of the most high­ly devel­oped and mod­ern coun­tries of the world, has also mar­velous land­scapes and a long his­to­ry with many old shrines, tem­ples and cas­tles. This Cal­en­dar con­tains pic­tures of some worth see­ing facets of this won­der­ful and exot­ic coun­try. The pic­tures were tak­en dur­ing a two week trip in the region of Osa­ka, Kyō­to, Hiroshi­ma, Tokyo and Mt. Fuji. Fur­ther infor­ma­tions about Japan can be found in our Japan-trav­el­ogue, more pic­tures in the gallery.

Switzerland - Engadin and Bergell

Detailed, high-res­o­lu­tion and pow­er­ful land­scape pho­tographs from the beau­ti­ful Grisons - Graubuen­den region in East­ern Switzer­land. Grisons is both the largest and the least pop­u­lat­ed can­ton in Switzer­land. Impres­sive moun­tains, lush­ly bloom­ing val­leys and untouched lakes always offer fas­ci­nat­ing views and invite you to go hiking.

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