30€/$ coupon for DxO PureRAW2 test

You are currently viewing 30€/$ coupon for DxO PureRAW2 test

Until Feb­ru­ary 12th, 2023, DxO is offer­ing a €30 / $30 dis­count coupon to any­one who down­loads and tests the tri­al ver­sion of DxO PureRAW2. A detailed review of DxO PureRAW2 with sam­ple images is already avail­able on my website.

In my opin­ion, DxO’s Deep­Prime denois­ing algo­rithm is cur­rent­ly the best denois­ing tool for high-ISO images. It is includ­ed in DxO Pho­to­Lab ver­sion 4 and above, and also in DxO PureRAW.

The pow­er­ful RAW devel­op­er Pho­to­Lab 6 in the Elite ver­sion, which sup­ports Deep­PRIME, is with a price of 219,-€ pret­ty expen­sive, espe­cial­ly if you, like me, already use anoth­er image edit­ing soft­ware like Light­room Classic.

It is then more afford­able to pur­chase PureRAW2, which is lim­it­ed to denois­ing and opti­cal image cor­rec­tion only. PureRAW2 also offers a com­fort­able plu­g­in for Adobe Lightroom.

I myself con­tin­ue to edit and tag my images entire­ly in Light­room, which I have been using since the first ver­sion that came out in 2007. How­ev­er, if I notice that an image is too noisy after this pro­cess­ing, I now pass it to the DxO plu­g­in. After pro­cess­ing, the plu­g­in pass­es the new image file back to Light­room as a .DNG RAW file, where all the pre­vi­ous steps of the Light­room ver­sion are also applied to the Deep­PRIME denoised ver­sion - with­out any addi­tion­al noise reduc­tion in Light­room, of course.

The results of denois­ing with Deep­Prime always amaze me. I have no more hes­i­ta­tion to use ISO val­ues of 12,800 or above when necessary.

So I can only rec­om­mend every­one to try it once for them­selves. The tri­al ver­sion of PureRAW2 can be test­ed for 30 days with­out any restric­tions. If you decide to buy PureRAW2 after that, you will get it now for € 30,- cheap­er with the dis­count coupon until Feb­ru­ary 12th, 2023.

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